This Could Be Your Best Chance at Copping Some of the Year's Most Popular Jordans

NikeLab at 21 Mercer will be piloting the brand's new online raffle system for releases of two popular Air Jordan 1s.

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You've probably heard that the white "Pinnacle" Air Jordan 1s will see a U.S. release this weekend, but they're not going to be very easy to come by. Thankfully, NikeLab's 21 Mercer location will be giving 'heads a better chance at these and another one of the year's best.

Along with the white "Pinnacle," the "Shattered Backboard" Jordan 1s will be releasing at NikeLab via the brand's new online raffle system. First unveiled last month, this policy was introduced as the latest measure to prevent automated bots and make the buying process simple and fair. So far, it's been met with positive feedback, and it looks like it could end up being your best shot at these Jordan 1 releases.

For the full rundown, head over to Nike now. Sign ups begin at 6 p.m. EST, so keep an eye out for a Tweet from Nike's social media.