Say Goodbye to the Reebok Logo You Grew Up On

All in on fitness.

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Reebok is charting a new path in its history starting with a new logo.

In the video below, Matt O'Toole, the Global Head of Reebok, discusses the changes and the new direction of the brand. The Delta logo, which was originally just used on its CrossFit line of products, will now be the global mark for the brand officially replacing the Vector - the Reebok logo we all know. In addition to the logo change, Reebok is changing its business model by no longer focusing on the elite athletes, but instead on the every day person. Instead of creating product for various sports, Reebok will now be solely focused on fitness.

We're not quite sure what this means for Reebok athletes especially those in the NBA. With the brand basically giving away John Wall last season, it was an indication that things were changing, and the brand was stepping away from performance basketball product. But this season, with the Reebok Q96 and the Pumpspective marketing campaigns, its seemed as if the company had a change of heart.

As basketball and sneaker fans, it's a bit sad seeing Reebok make this announcement because they were a big part of our youth, well my youth at least. Who didn't want Reebok Pumps? Who didn't record and rewind Iverson's cross-over commercials over and over trying to emulate the star? Paydirts? Business is business, though, and only time will tell if this all-in gamble was worth abandoning the brand's heritage.