Nike's SNKRS App Is Now Available to Everyone

Sneakerheads have reason to celebrate today as Nike has made its SNKRS app available to everyone.

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Initially available to only those that were able to obtain limited access codes, Nike recently updated its SNKRS app so that everyone with a compatible mobile device now has access to it.

Marketed as a one-stop shop for everything Nike, it's primary use is to give 'heads another outlet to cop its products. With built in release reminders and information regarding upcoming models, purchasing Nike product has never been easier. While the idea is solid, having the app doesn't actually guarantee you'll be able to cop certain models as more hyped releases still remains to be a difficult task. But having another option at your fingertips surely doesn't hurt.

For a rundown of everything this app can do, head over to Nike SNKRS now. 

[via Nike]

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