A 16-Year Old Opened Up a Sneaker Store That's Not Like the Rest

A teenager turned his love for sneakers into a business.

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If you haven't noticed, the sneaker game has gotten a lot younger over the past several years. Sneaker shows and conventions are littered with adolescents toting high-priced kicks and campouts are packed with teenage beasts waiting to spend the type of money that many older heads only dreamed of having at that age.

While most kids are just thinking of copping the latest and greatest, 16-year old Chase Reed is taking his love of the shoe game and turning it into a business. The New York Post highlights the Harlem natives' entrepreneurial drive and his new business. Using $30,000 generated from the selling of his own collection, Reed — a sophomore from Harlem's Frederick Douglass Academy — along with his father Troy, opened Sneaker Pawn on Lenox Avenue and West 120th Street. While the business model isn't anything new, you have to respect the youngster's business mindset, drive, and hustle. Head on over to the New York Post to read the full story.

[via New York Post

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