Sole Stack Solves Your Sneaker Storage Woes

The Kickstarter for Sole Stacks aims to bring sneaker storage to another level, offering a new design and level of saving space.

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If you’re one of the few sneakerheads who can buy pair after pair, stacking them up to the ceiling in every room of your house without worrying about complaints or space, go ahead and click to the next story. This isn’t for you.

If you’re like the rest of us, who’s always trying to figure out if there’s enough square footage to contain your swag, you might be looking for new opportunities in sneaker storage. If so, Sole Stacks might be for you,

The par display, part storage company has just launched on Kickstarter, looking for backers to make their designs a reality. Utilizing simple design, and the natural shape of sneakers, Sole Stacks offers maximum storage in minimal space. Check out the video for more info, and if you want to be an early adopter, you could always put your money on the line.


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