Are There More Pendleton x Nike Sneakers on the Way?

Nike's forthcoming Roshe One looks like it was made with Pendleton.

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Late last year sneakerheads went all out for the new Pendleton Woolen Mills options on NIKEiD. The possibilities were nearly endless with five different models to choose from and a wide collection of different Pendleton materials. The sun has since set on that era of custom Pendleton sneakers, but that doesn’t mean that the time for flannel sneakers is over.

Just this week images of a forthcoming printed Roshe One has his the web and caused a flurry of speculation about what the Swoosh is up to. Reports say that the sneaker is scheduled to hit stores late this summer, into the fall, but without further information we can’t be sure. It should be noted that there is no apparent official connection between Pendleton and these pairs (the famous Pendleton tag is nowhere to be seen), so the design is likely just inspired by the heritage of the relationship between these two brands.

Either way, check for the “Cinnabar” Roshe to hit stores some time later this year.

[via nikeblog]


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