A History of Nike's Air Presto

size? put together an exhaustive history of Nike's Air Presto and an exhibit of rare pairs.

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As Russ Bengtson explained in the latest The Russ Report, Nike’s Air Presto is just finally coming into its context. That is to say, its context is catching up to the design. Sneaker culture has been coming to terms with this heritage for the last 15 years, and it seems like we may have finally done that.

Sneaker store size?, best known for their near weekly Nike exclusives, have put together a pretty exhaustive history of Nike’s under appreciated shoe, including animated advertisements of some of the first colorways (which are a must watch).

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The article is paired with a peek at an exhibition in the Sneaker Cube at Niketown London that features some of the rarest and famous Prestos from the last decade and a half. If you visit the exhibition you can catch glimpses at the 9/11 Disaster Relief Edition, Eric Clapton’s Signature Edition, and even a pair designed by Sarah-Jessica Parker (Spoiler: they’re pink).

Check out size?’s article, and get a tease at the exhibition that is on view now at Niketown London.

[via size?]


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