The 16 Best Performance Basketball Shoes Worn in the 2013 NCAA Tournament

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March Madness continues as the best sixteen teams are ready to go head to head attempting to stay afloat and break into the elite eight. So many great performance sneakers are getting put to good use with so much on-court action taking place within one solid month, from Under Armour's latest player exlusives and team colorways to Air Jordan's unconventional looking AJ XX8. Based off of the best shoes so far spotted in the NCAA tournament, these are The 16 Best Performance Basketball Shoes Worn in the 2013 NCAA Tournament So Far.


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The Under Armour Charge BB will definitely turn heads on the court. Equipped with full length Micro G to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride during your time on-court and a silhouette that looks like it was taken straight out of the movies. If you want to be noticed, all you have to do is lace up a pair and listen for all the neck snapping action that proceeds.15


While they aren't Crazy Light... Crazy Fast is good enough. Coming in multiple camo color options and featuring some of adidas' best on-court tech, its no wonder the adidas Crazy Fast has become an on-court favorite for a variety of players throughout the tourney. It's getting pretty rare to find a hoop shoe that boasts this much performance in such an affordable package so if you needed something light, comfortable and crazy... this is it.




We're used to seeing Retro models rocked off court but its awesome to see athletes bring these classics back where they belong... on the basketball court. The Air Jordan XI was a game changer back in '95 as it featured full length Air, Phylon, mesh, patent leather and the first implementation of Carbon Fiber. If any of those items sound familiar it's because they are still used in performance models today & seeing them used on-court in such a high competitive atmosphere proves only one thing... Retro or not... these were made to hoop in.


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Yes, the Under Armour Micro G Torch released last season but that means nothing when in comes down to pure performance. Whether they dropped 3 years ago or last week, the Torch is an awesome on-court performer that we would still rank as one of the best Guard shoes currently available. If you haven't yet tried a pair then you are missing out.




The adidas Rose 3 brought luxury back into performance sneakers and the Rose 3.5 turned all of that inside out. Featuring premium synthetics and SprintFrame support chassis, the adidas Rose 3.5 gives you everything the Rose 3 had with a whole new twist. If for some reason you can't find a colorway in-store that you enjoy, these are available for customization now at miadidas.




Another model from last season... 2012 was one heck of a year for performance junkies. Lunarlon, Dynamic Flywire and Fuse all sitting atop a platform made for any player at any position on the floor. The best part... they've begun to hit outlets and that means you can save some cash while getting a great shoe for your on-court antics.




We'll admit, even we were surprised to see the Zoom Kobe VI on certain players feet throughout the tourney. Seeing a shoe from a season ago is one thing but seeing something like this being worn on the court only proves what we mentioned earlier. Great hoop shoes are great hoop shoes... no matter when they released.


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Ultimate comfort and support along with some of the best traction available... that in a nutshell is the Under Armour Spine Bionic. These are such great shoes that Under Armour continues to roll out special edition colorways and player editions for teams across the US. Now if we could just convince them to release the low top version to the public it'd make everyone happy.


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A Nike Basketball team shoe made with everyone in mind. Multiple color options are available now and these feature heel and forefoot Zoom Air... add the fact that they weigh practically nothing and you have yourself a solid sneaker than can be worn on the hardwood or the blacktop.


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The best CP3 model to date - hands down. Unbelievable traction, amazing court feel and a durable exterior. These were made with speed in mind and its no surprise to see most of the Jordan endorsed schools rocking these so often. They were one of the top Guard shoes last season and they still blow out most of the competition so far this season.


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We've been seeing a lot of the Nike KD V and with them being made available on NIKEiD... we've seen then in a ton of colorways that have never hit shelves. Some of out favorite colorways have been seen on the feet of Duke members as you can't go wrong with a simple White/ Royal color scheme.


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Is this Melo's best signature to date? Possibly... he has had quite a few great ones but the fit and cushioning on the Jordan Melo M9 is practically unmatched by his previous models. Did you see the pairs UNC had laced up? Yeah... those were bananas.




We've seen sneakers that are new and old but this is the first on the list that we can't buy just yet. When adidas unveiled the Crazyquick we were all impressed with the redesigned PureMotion tech as we thought we would never see it again. Combined the revamped tech with aggressive full length herringbone and one cant help but drool a little with anticipation.


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 What the Air Jordan XI was back in '95, the LeBron X is today. Featuring some of Nike's latest and greatest tech while they debuted the visible full length 360 Zoom unit for the first time ever. No wonder they've become a players choice sneaker... especially on the Duke campus.


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Honestly, the Kobe 8 is probably one of the best shoes this year. Lightweight, extremely supportive and they're made out of engineered mesh - of all materials - which is unheard of for a basketball shoe. Being made available in a system sounded awful at first until we realized that the system components were all sold separately so nothing was forced down your throat. If you haven't done so already, you may want to stock up on as many pairs as you can now before they become even more impossible to find.


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We know its only March but this was bound to pop up eventually. The Air Jordan XX8 is the best basketball shoe available right now and its also the best performing Air Jordan... ever. There are a multitude of reasons as to why the Air Jordan XX8 is the best Jordan to ever release but the main reason is the Flight Plate and decoupled heel and forefoot. Yes, they look... interesting... but until you go back and forth between these and a regular sneaker, you wont know what you're missing. Unlike the AJ2012, the Air Jordan XX8 has been seen on multiple athletes throughout the tourney and there is good reason for it... simply put... they're awesome.

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