This Model Shaved The Adidas Logo Into His Head

A model walking in Gosha Rubchinskiy's Fall/Winter 2018 runway show had an Adidas logo shaved into his head.

Adidas Logo Shaved Head
Image via emmahopeall
Adidas Logo Shaved Head

Yesterday, Gosha Rubchinskiy held his Fall/Winter 2018 runway show in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg at the Yelstin Center Museum. Aside from all of the new clothing and collaborations displayed during the show, one of the most notable visuals was a particular model from the runway who had an Adidas Sportswear logo shaved into his head. Talk about brand loyalty. 

The hairstyle had a purpose. The model rocking the bold hairdo was also modeling some of the new products from Rubchinskiy's continued partnership with Adidas Soccer that includes tops, bottoms, and new footwear styles. The 2017 collaboration was also well-received and consisted of two separate capsules. The main footwear from those collections was various colorways of the ACE 16+ Super silhouette. 

There has been some crazy designs cut into hair in the past. Some Adidas-inspired designs have even been created here at Sole Collector, but this hair style is so memorable because instead of shaving the logo into hair, this model's only hair atop his buzzed head was in the shape of Adidas logo. Rubchinskiy was definitely trying to show how important Adidas is to him and with this statement look. His continued work with Adidas is symbolic of the significance of the Adidas tracksuit within Russian street style and culture.

Other new collaborations revealed during the show included work with Burberry, Levi's, and Dr. Martens. Thankfully, none of those brands got their logos made into hair styles for the runway as well.