Nike Is Raising Salaries for 10 Percent of Its Staff

Nike has announced that it will be raising the salaries for roughly 10% of its staff starting this month following reports earlier this year of pay disparity for women.

Nike headquarters on in Beaverton, Oregon

Image via Getty/Natalie Behring

Nike headquarters on in Beaverton, Oregon

Nike has announced that it will be increasing the salaries of roughly 10 percent of its employees in the coming months, according to USA Today

Along with overall raises, the sportswear giant announced a change to how it awards bonuses as well by focusing it more on annual company performance as a whole instead of individual accomplishments. A memo sent out around the company on Monday indicated that the raises being distributed would ensure that any employees doing the same job will be given equal pay. 

Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon-John told USA Today that it is the company's goal to, "deliver differentiated, competitive pay and benefits, and support a culture in which employees feel included and empowered.''

The news of this pay raise comes following reports poor workplace culture citing pay disparity for women and inappropriate behavior from certain employees. Ultimately, this led to departures of top brass at Nike including the likes of former brand president Trevor Edwards and vice president and general manager of global categories Jayme Martin