Kanye West Reportedly Sued by Japanese Fabric Company for Over $600,000

Kanye West is reportedly being sued by a Japanese fabric company for over $600,000.

Kanye West

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Kanye West

Kanye West has reportedly been sued by Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. for over $600,000. According to TMZ, the company never received payment for a large quantity of fabric that West ordered from them.

The lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ show that both parties made an agreement in June 2018 for $624,000 worth of fleece fabric. That equates to roughly 53,500 yards of materials. The fabric would be used to produce various products. It is unclear whether it was going to be used to craft the popular Adidas Yeezy footwear, or West's Yeezy clothing line. After Toki Sen-I Co. produced the goods, Yeezy Apparel reportedly sent an e-mail stating that they had backed out of the deal. The fabric company said that its relationship with Ye began back in 2015, and all orders up to this point had been paid without issue. 

While the Japanese company still possesses the fabric it produced, it is seeking payment because it is unable to unload it to other companies. The products are apparently too specific to Yeezy's product line, so no other brands are willing to purchase it. 

Toki Sen-I Co. is seeking $624,000 along with storage fees from Mr.West. No further details regarding the lawsuit are currently avaialble at this time. West has yet to make any official statement on the matter, but knowing the 41-year old superstar, a tweet storm could already be brewing as we speak.