Air Maxes That Need to Make a Comeback

What Air Max runner deserve the retro treatment from Nike?

Nike Air Max
Image via Nike
Nike Air Max

The arrival of Air Max Day is a good time to reflect on the sheer volume of Air Max sneakers that Nike has released since 1987. With so many classic runners in the catalog, it’s easy to overlook the less talked about Air Max silhouettes of the past.  Models like the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, and Air Max 95 have seen continued popularity and countless re-releases over the years, but many worthy models have gotten lost in the shuffle since their debuts. Here are five Nike Air Max models that have flown under the radar that we would love to see get a retro treatment sooner rather than later.

Air Max 96

Air Max 96

Air Max2 Light

Nike Air Max2 Light

Air Max Deluxe

Nike Air Max Deluxe

Air Max 98 TL

Nike Air Max 98 TL

Tuned Air Max

Nike Air Tuned Max