Adidas' World Cup Ball Keeps Popping

The Telstar 18 soccer ball designed by Adidas for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is being criticized because it keeps popping in the middle of matches.

Adidas World Cup Ball
Image via Getty / MB Media
Adidas World Cup Ball

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup underway in Russia, soccer fans have had a lot to talk about. Something Adidas probably wishes they weren't talking about is how frequently its specially-designed balls keep popping during group play matches. 

Adidas' Telstar 18 soccer ball was designed especially for this year's tournament, but has been having trouble lasting a full 90 minutes. So far, at least six balls have burst in the middle of play—it even happened twice in a match between France and Australia.

Adidas Telstar 18

The pixilated soccer ball of the 2018 World Cup is inspired by the original Telstar ball used in Mexico during the 1970 World Cup. It gets its name from a satellite that launched into space by NASA in 1962. The satellite's connection to soccer is that it allowed for fans around the world to watch live World Cup matches taking place in other continents. 

All of the instances have even prompted an official statement from FIFA who said, "The Telstar 18 has been tested on every continent, in every climate and with over 600 professional players and more than 30 leading clubs and federations.

"We’re extremely confident in the ball and look forward to seeing it at the center of the action throughout the tournament."

Adidas has not returned Sole Collector's request for comment as of this time. 

Any soccer fans willing to test out the durability for themselves can purchase the official ball of the 2018 World Cup here from Adidas for $124 (already marked down from its original $165).