Eight of Europe's Leading Creatives on the Come-Up You Need to Know

Eight of Europe's Leading Creatives on the Come-Up You Need to Know

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Skaters like Chad Muska, Lizard King, and Erik Ellington have more than being legends of the skate industry in common; they're also mad creative in other areas of their lives. You can't really spend time around these guys without noticing that their energy just feels a bit different; it's like they're constantly moving, constantly looking for the next thing to do. Muska is always creating art and music when he's not skating; there's no real way of knowing what Lizard King is going to do next; and Ellington is one of the minds behind Baker Boys Distribution and Deathwish. They're busy AF, and it's not just skating they're putting their creative energy into.

That lifestyle has always been there though; skateboarding and creativity has always gone hand in hand. Art, film, photography, design, fashion, and music all have close ties to the skate scene, with most skaters lending their talents to at least one of these disciplines as a means of self-expression, and companies like SUPRA are the perfect environment for this sort of lifestyle. The skaters they work with are drawn to them because the company does things differently; pushing the limits of what is expected, just as the skaters do both on and off their boards. 

SUPRA’s latest campaign, titled #AlwaysOnTheRun, is all about celebrating creativity, and the people making their own path. Shining a light on some of the best young creative talent on the come-up from around the world, the campaign introduces eight young creatives from across Europe who are making waves in their industry, pushing the boundaries, and leading lives so hectic they would make Neptunes-era Pharell look lazy. 

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Violetta Thalia

Jordan Vickors

Akin Davies

Gabriel Pryce

Jessica Horwell

Guillaume Le Goff

Sergi Castella

Kira Stachowitsch