Interview: We Sat down with Mr. Phomer to Talk About Where It All Started, Why He Left Lisbon and What's Next

SUPRA's #AlwaysOnTheRun campaign highlights young creatives from all over Europe.

Images by Elliot Simpson

Mr. Phomer is a name that's being said a lot around London's creative circles at the moment. Lisbon-born, London-based graphic designer Mr. Phomer has brought his distinctive work to London and made a name for himself and his graffiti-tinged style through a mix of shows, brand collaborations and commercial design work, along with a healthy dose of parties. 

Many will probably know Mr. Phomer best for his confrontations with Supreme's posters on London's streets or his collaborations with brands like S.O.O.N. and the Basement, but that's not all he does. Underneath the surface Mr. Phomer is someone who hates sitting still, and that made him perfect to include as part of SUPRA's #AlwaysOnTheRun campaign, which shines light on some of Europe's best young creatives and the hectic lives they lead. 

We sat down with the man himself, to talk about where it all started, why he left Lisbon and what he wants to do next.

So how did you get started?

I started with graffiti when I was a kid, I was just skating and doing graffiti. That was cool but it wasn’t going to get me anywhere, but it got me into doing illustration, and designing T-shirts for my mates that skated, and taking photos of people skating and doing graffiti. My graffiti is not that bad actually, I still do it, but I started doing real job stuff I guess. So that’s where it started, and I’ve just been doing it up to today.

What got you into graffiti?

I don’t know, we were just kids. I mean, I was more into the punk and hardcore scene at first, but then I started really liking hip-hop. With the skate thing, you know how it is, it mixes everything, but in Lisbon it’s not the same as here, it’s small crowds and stuff, so it’s not that big of a thing. And then I started doing graffiti because of that community sense, you know? There were kids who were into different stuff the same way that I was, and then I wasn’t that bad and it was fun, and then obviously it was fucking awesome to just do vandal stuff and go and trash places [laughs].