Interview: We Sat Down with Erik Ellington to Talk about Skating, Going Sober, and Architecture

Ellington is one of the biggest in the game, and he's still going.

Image via Supra

It's pretty hard to have grown up with an interest in skateboarding and not have heard of Erik Ellington. The man co-founded one of the most talked about distribution companies in the game, Baker Boys, founded Deathwish Skateboards, and started SUPRA. You can't really get bigger than that, but that's just the kind of guy that Ellington is, and always has been. Talking to him, you get a sense that when he says something, he means it; when he jokingly refers to starting an architecture company, there's something about the way he says it that makes you think he probably would—and could—actually do it.

When talking about his work, and what he puts into the boards, shoes, and clothes that bear his name, there's no doubting how seriously he takes it. He knows every detail about everything he touches, and is immensely proud of it all, and that's hella admirable for someone who is running companies, still skating as brilliantly as earlier in his career, and designing everything he puts his name to. Could you handle such a busy life? 

Ahead of the drop of Ellington's latest shoe, the Ellington Vulc, we sat down with him to talk about everything from setting up companies, going sober, and architecture. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Erik Ellington's latest shoe, the SUPRA Ellington Vulc, is available now from all good skateshops and the SUPRA webstore