Why Do All High-Fashion Sneakers Have the Same Sole?

The Vibram RollinGait sole has become popular with high-fashion brands looking to make sneakers. But why?

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Off White Sneaker

A lot of high-fashion sneakers look a like, and we're not just talking about the lazy ripoffs of Stan Smiths or Air Jordan 1s that go for three to five times the retail value of the shoes made by Nike and Adidas. There's been a recent trend of brands such as Virgil Abloh's Off-White, Our Legacy, John Galliano, and more using the Vibram RollinGait sole, which instantly turns any design into a chunky dad shoe.

High Snobiety dug into the popularity of this sole and found that it's also been used by Hi-Tec and ETQ. It's strange to see so many brands use the same technology. But in a world where sneakers are the hot commodity, it's the easiest way to put out a product. The most expensive and time-consuming part of manufacturing a sneaker is creating the sole, also known as the tooling. This is what happened with Big Baller Brand and its ZO2 sneakers and relying on Brand Black, which is owned by Skechers.

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