Nike Air Max Runners That Need to Be Retroed Right Now

Please, Nike. We need a new pair, or two.


Lightweight running sneakers are all the craze right now, and it's just not just because they look good. It's because they're comfortable. And when it comes to Nike runners, there's nothing that trumps the Air Max series. Nothing.

A quick trip to your local sneaker spot, and you'll see the new Air Max series, which will always give you sticker shock, and you'll also notice more than enough retroes from years past. There are Air Max 1s, 90s, 95s, 97s, 2009s, and more. Some might think that Nike only produced Air Maxes in certain years. That's completely untrue, and some of the best models are the most forgotten about. Have you ever seen a pair Air Max 98s? They're one of the best in the series, and they need to come back—right now.

But they're not the only ones that haven't seen the light of day in some time. There's a whole list of them, and we'd love to see them in stores today. Here are Air Max Runners That Need to Be Retroed Right Now.

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Air Max Deluxe

Air Max 93

Tailwind Kenya

Nike Air Max Triax '96

Air Max 96

Air Max 96 SE

Air Max 360

Air Max 2003

Air Max 98

Air Max 2 Light

Air Max 2

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