Michael Jordan's Son Plans to Open a Sneaker Store

Marcus Jordan is opening a sneaker store that seems like it's a Jordan head's dream.

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Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, is making the news again, and it's not for something he did on Twitter. The product of MJ's loins is set to open sneaker and apparel boutique, according to a press release distributed this morning.

The release states: "This year, [Marcus] has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world to bring a one-of-a-kind boutique to life that nods at his family history. The vast build-out will be used to translate Marcus’ spin on the ever-growing sports and fashion cultures by merging these two worlds under one roof. Through an elevated brick-and-mortar store emphasizing design details and premium products, he has curated a unique addition to the retail world that will exhibit a new perspective of the Jordan legacy. Amongst the retail environment, customers will experience rare family photos, home videos, unique releases, and limited edition memorabilia."

According to the press release, the store is slated to open in 2016, while an exact date and location are unknown. But from the sound of things, it looks like it will be a must-visit for anyone who loves Air Jordans.