Exclusive: John Geiger's Releasing His Final Pair of Misplaced Checks

They feature 16 different materials and come in all-black.

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John Geiger's idea of placing several Swooshes on a pair of Nike Air Force 1s was met with some resistance at first, but his work, in collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon, has become more popular over time. And he's now set to release his final pair of "Misplaced Checks," an all-black pair of sneakers with Swooshes made from 16 different materials.

These sneakers are different from the other pairs not only in color, but because they are in collaboration with Refresh PGH, a consignment store in Geiger's hometown of Pittsburgh. "I teamed up with Refresh in Pittsburgh because I've always wanted to drop sneakers in Pittsburgh," Geiger says.

The materials used include sheep fur, gloss crocodile, Horween nubuck, Ecco woven, ostrich quill, patent leather, diamond embossed, lizard, pony hair, perforated leather, goat, buffalo, shark, gloss python, suede, and smooth Horween.

The Misplaced Checks will have Refresh's logo on the tongue, as well as the standard "Geiger Collection." A release date of December 5 has been set, and the majority of the pairs will release in-store with a limited number becoming available online. A price has not been announced.