At 6'4", John Geiger is able to stand above his criticisms. The 30-year-old designer from Pittsburgh is as divisive as they come with what he’s done to sneakers. In no order, his highlights include: cutting the straps off Nike Air Yeezy IIs, jumping into a swimming pool with a pair of “Red Octobers,” mix-matching the soles and uppers of various pairs, and his most recent venture: the creation of the “Misplaced Checks” Air Force 1s with the help of The Shoe Surgeon. The latter has been a series of Air Force 1 Highs that feature the application of multiple Swooshes in exotic materials such as python skin. As the sneaker’s name suggests, it’s also a metaphor for everything that’s happened to him so far.

Geiger’s ascent to popularity is closely tied to his relationship with his childhood friend, Darrelle Revis, who’s the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL and also a native of Pennsylvania. The two grew from close friends into business partners, with Geiger serving as Revis’ manager and helping him ink big-time deals with multiple brands. He was also closely involved in Revis’ first signature sneaker with Nike, the Zoom Revis.

He’s become a sneaker celebrity of sorts, much because of his recognizable look — draped in high-fashion brands — and attention-getting antics. But along the way, with his social media following growing, Geiger has assembled a loyal group of supporters and the buzz around the past few sneakers he’s designed is a testament to him breaking through and resonating with a larger audience. His most-anticipated sneaker will release today, an all-white pair of “Misplaced Checks” in collaboration with FourTwoFour Fairfax, a boutique located in Los Angeles. With the rumblings in the background, Geiger is still poised as ever to make a big impact.