A Huge Sneaker Factory Strike Is Going On in China Right Now

10,000 workers have gone on strike in China, and it could effect several large sneaker brands.

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Unless you only wear Made in USA New Balance sneakers, it's likely that a large portion of your sneaker collection was manufactured in Asia - China, to be specific. But there's a massive sneaker factory strike going on right now, according to the Associated Press, that could threaten sneaker production in China.

10,000 sneaker factory workers who work at Yue Yuen - which makes sneakers for Nike, adidas, ASICS, and New Balance - have gone on strike.

The AP is reporting that the strike started on April 5 over the factory not paying the workers their full social security and housing amounts.

To realize how severe this strike could be: The company, Yue Yuen, produces hundreds of millions of sneakers each year, and Nike, according to Bloomberg, is concerned about this situation. And adidas is "closely monitoring" the strike.

There has been no word on which sneakers this might affect, or if the workers are coming to close to a resolution.

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