adidas Sneakers Might Become More Expensive in the Near Future

Find out why the brand may have to raise its prices.

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Sneakers have been getting more expensive, as has pretty much everything else in recent years, but there might be a reason for the inflation in your shoes. According to a report by India's Economic Times, adidas' costs are going to go up.

The reason behind all of this is the exchange rate based around the US dollar. "As a result of negative exchange rate developments, our purchasing costs will rise by around 500 million euros ($548 million) next year," adidas CFO Robin Stalker says.

Adidas hasn't said if this is going to make its shoes go up in price, but an exchange rate resulting in higher costs has produced more-expensive sneakers in the past. 

"We already reacted quickly to that, for example by reducing our range of products or raising our prices," says Stalker, in reference to previously dealing with this dilemma. 

With adidas recently making headway in the market and attempting to find a way to close the gap between itself and Nike, making less product doesn't seem like a reality.