Cam'ron Shared a Teaser of His Upcoming Reebok Collab

The famous pink fur photo of Cam'ron will be printed on the insole of his Reebok collab.

Image via Cam'Ron

Cam'ron made a lot of Dipset fans happy earlier this month when he announced his upcoming sneaker collab with Reebok, and now we have a peek into what it'll look like. Cam'ron took to Instagram to share a photo of his Reebok Ventilator Supreme, revealing that the insole will feature the famous photo of him draped in all pink fur while holding a pink cell phone to his ear. 

The original photo was taken during Mercedes Benz Fashion week in 2002, and has since become known as one of his most iconic outfits, making its way onto all sorts of canvases including pillows and even shower curtains. Given how big Cam'ron's sneaker collection is, it was only a matter of time before that image made its way onto a pair.