These Yeezy Boosts For Kids Look Just Like The Real Thing

These Yeezy Boost-inspired kids sneakers look just like the real thing.

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It's hard enough trying to find a pair of adidas Yeezy Boosts in adult sizes, but getting them in kid's sizes is impossible. Sensing that are some parents out there who want to lace their kids up in some of the hottest sneakers of the year, a brand has started selling Yeezy Boost-inspired kids sneakers online. 

Fashion For Ur Kids offers its version of the adidas Yeezy 350 and 750 Boost in all released colorways, plus a black 750 Boost version which hasn't even been released by adidas. While these sneakers don't use any adidas branding or have Boost technology, they does bring up an interesting question about drawing the line between custom sneakers and counterfeits.

We're sure that adidas won't be happy about this, but at least they know there is a demand out there for kids Yeezy Boosts.