You'll Never Guess What "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" Star Erica Mena Thinks Is Missing from the Shoe Game (Video)

"Love & Hip-Hop: New York" star Erica Mena talks to Kicks on Fire about Air Jordans, Foams, and more.

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It looks like Nike started issuing Foamposites in GS sizes at the right time because Erica Mena from "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" is a huge fan of the unmistakable​ hoops shoe.

Chatting with Kicks on Fire, Mena made it clear that she loves the Foamposite and actually wants to design a pair for women because a nice pair of Foams for the ladies is what the game is missing. "I love the way the Foams look on the guys, but when a girl wears it, it's so ugly," Mena said. "I want to make a sexy pair of Foams for women."

Mena didn't go into detail as to what her Foamposite would look like, but if it has any trace of glow-in-the-dark features, galaxy print, or the infamous "Yeezy" colorway, she'll have a number one seller on her hands.

[via Kicks on Fire]