Meet the O.G. Designer Who's Spearheading the Comeback of This Old-School American Sneaker

PF Flyers is making a huge comeback thanks to an O.G. influencer.

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PF Flyers is ingrained in American culture.

The brand's rich heritage dates all the way back to the '30s when rubber manufacturing company BF Goodrich developed the sneaker. At the time, the line of footwear was originally named Posture Foundation for its innovative insole, but was later shortened to what 'heads now recognize as simply "PF Flyers."

Decades later, and now officially under the New Balance umbrella for nearly 15 years, the brand is poised for a huge comeback run.

At the forefront of it all is Alyasha Owerka Moore, who is a seasoned veteran with two decades of street culture under his belt, serving as a designer for heavyweights like Phat Farm, Fiberops, and Alphanumeric.

As the current Brand Ambassador for PF Flyers, he sees a huge opportunity for the brand to capture the essence that put the sneaker on the map in the first place: American heritage.

"PF Flyers actually has American social and pop cultural relevance," Moore told Singularities. "There are ads with Mickey Mouse wearing PF – they sponsored the Mickey Mouse Club for like 10 years – and they sponsored American Bandstand. If you want to get into 'Americana' and 'heritage' it doesn’t get more American than Mickey Mouse and Dick Clark."

Moore thinks PF Flyers should evoke an emotion based on its rich history. After all, who doesn't remember when Benny Rodriguez bust out a crisp pair of PF Flyers on The Sandlot?

"My stance is that, instead of chasing the market, just tell people what you did."



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