If You Couldn't Cop Yeezy Boosts, Here's the Next Best Thing

You can actually cop this Yeezy Boost alternative.

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With last weekend's global launch of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost behind us, the chances of being able to scoop up a pair of 'Ye's latest design for retail are becoming more and more slim. At this point, your only real options are to pray for a restock or skip out on rent and pay a reseller. But that's pretty much it, right?

Not exactly.

High-fashion footwear company Ylati actually has a sneaker that shares a striking resemblance to the Yeezy Boost. From its grey suede upper to its side zips, strap, and overall shape, the details on this Italian-made sneaker are features that you can easily point out on the Yeezy Boost. But before you accuse the up-and-coming brand of straight up jacking 'Ye's latest creation, just know that its version was actually out in the market first.

Considering all the Kanye stans that exist, though, don't be surprised if people try to tell you otherwise, and be prepared for all the broke boy comments. If that won't phase you, you can cop a pair of these joints for just $68 from Yoox.