Why Puma Suede Sneakers Will Never Go Out of Style

Puma releases new colorways for the Suede Classic Sneakers alongside the best tips for styling the timeless shoes.

Puma Suede

Image via Puma

Puma Suede

Trends may come and go, but some things never go out of style. Enter Puma’s Suede Classic Sneakers. The silhouette originally debuted in 1968 and over 50 years later the shoes continue to be a staple in closets everywhere.

To meet demand, the brand recently dropped new Suede colorways, including a frosty green hue with white stripes, an all-black design, and several other classic shades that are sure to stay relevant in the years to come. What, you ask, has made Suedes stand out for so long? 

The answer is all in the materials. If you take good care of it, suede is durable and long lasting. As an added bonus, the thick soles ensure the footwear won’t fall apart. 

Beyond being well-designed, Puma Suedes are a versatile sneaker that can easily be dressed up or down. For these reasons and more, the shoes have successfully stayed relevant after all these years. To prove it, Puma recently tapped a crew of tastemakers to model the new Suede colorways in a video and photoshoot while explaining what they love about the shoe.

Jakob Campbell

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Price: $70

“I usually wear them with black ripped jeans, a graphic T-shirt, a fitted cap, and some gold jewelry,” Jakob Campbell mentions. “I feel like it’s me and can work for different occasions, which is why it’s become my day-to-day fit.” 

Think of the Suedes as a versatile base for your aesthetic. The dynamic sneakers are a solid starting point for daily self-expression and can allow your style to evolve in ways you never thought it could.

LC and Sean Gadiare

Puma Suede LC, Sean Gadiare

Price: $70

“My go-to look for Puma Suedes is fairly clean and simple,” LC tells Complex. “A nice pair of chino pants with a button-up is always a go.”

On the other hand, Sean Gadiare likes to keep things more casual. “Mine would have to be a calm look. Vintage tee, some shorts, and the Suedes to make the outfit pop with the color I’m wearing,” he explains.

Sometimes it’s just that easy and there’s no reason to complicate things. You can never go wrong with an ensemble as effortless as this. Lace up those Suedes and you’re all set.

Ashley Flores

Puma Suede Ashley Flores

Price: $70

“The Suedes are really comfortable, so I like to pair them with a jumpsuit and I travel a lot so I often wear them with a dress to the airport,” Ashley Flores says.

If utility is what you’re after, the Suedes have to be at the top of your list. From flying to breakdancing, there’s nothing you can’t tackle with these shoes on your feet.

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