Testing Out the Stickiest Football Glove

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3-AdiZero-Feat copy

No. 5 - Adidas Crazy Quick/ AdiZero 5-Star

Sticky as a: Roll of tape

These two gloves tied as the fifth stickiest gloves around. I was very excited about testing these as Adidas has a great reputation for football gloves and apparel and the AdiZero and Crazy Quick gloves are popular picks amongst players. They are pretty darn sticky with Adidas signature GripTack palm. The Crazy Quick is snug, but secure and has a shiny silver palm, which looks tacky and fantastic (see what I did there?). AdiZero 5-Stars feels stretchier for your hands to move more easily, but the grip just straight-up doesn’t make me feel like Spiderman.

1-Adi-Crazy-Quick-Feat copy2-Adi-Crazy-Quick-Out copy$45 (Crazy Quick)

4-AdiZero-Spidey2 copy$40 (AdiZero 5-Star)

6-UA-Nitro-Feat copy

No. 4 - Under Armour Nitro

Sticky as a: Tree Sap

These gloves look like something Batman would wear. They are super-secure with the UA Power-Catch technology that reduces twisting in the thumb and index finger. The feel is somewhat similar to the Adidas Crazy Quick with a snug and protective fit. The palm is a seamless, single-piece Armour GrabTack that makes it easy to snag even the wobbliest-of-wobbly ducks. Solid grip, but the top three were so impressive that the Nitro got shoveled out to #4.

9-UA-Nitro-Spidey copy 8-UA-Nitro-Tack copy 7-UA-Nitro-Stretch copy


11-UA-F3-Feat copy
No. 3 - Under Armour F3

Sticky as a: Sticky Fingers after eating a Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut

If this Top 5 review was for “best overall receiver glove on the market”, the F3 could have very well been #1, but alas it is not. No fit is more important than the stick, no mobility is more important than the stick; the stick, the stick, the stick. Compression fit with 4-way stretch material combine to make this glove fit well, like a glove, but a really natural one. Dexterity of your fingers is not hindered and the gloves are lightweight and look great. These gloves are sticky too and you could really never be disappointed in their effectiveness in catching the ball. I would recommend these gloves to anyone needing really sticky hands to do things. Most commonly used for reeling in footballs though.


14-UA-F3-Spidey copy 13-UA-F3-Tack copy 12-UA-F3-Crush copy


16-Cutters-S60-Feat copy

No. 2 - Cutters S60 Shockskin

Sticky as a: Bottle of Elmer’s glue

A bit heavier and more restrictive than the UA F3, but that doesn’t come without the benefit of Shock Doctor protection. Shockskin Contour Technology lines the back of your hand with low-profile padding that stays relatively unobtrusive and protects your hands because it’s really hard to catch the ball without properly functioning hands. As a receiver you might want to stick with a lighter, more dexterous glove, but as a running back, tight end, or defensive player, the S60 Shockskin could be perfect for you. Also, the grip, Cutters C-Tack, is exceptionally sticky. Some might even say, it’s shockingly sticky.


19-Cutters-S60-Spidey copy 18-Cutters-S60-Teck copy 17-Cutters-S60-Down copy


21-Cutters-X40-Feat copy

No. 1 - Cutters X40 C-Tack Revolution

Sticky as a: Molasses-spread Cinnabon covered in Elmer’s Glue

The top dog of sticky sticksters is the X40. Was I impressed? Yes. Was I terrified? No. Was I Spiderman? Almost. The X40 C-Tack Revolution is snug, light, and uses Cutters famed C-Tack grip that is rather astonishing. Your ability to grasp the ball with even just your fingertips makes the game of football into a magician’s show. Imagine reaching back over the DB and snagging the ball from behind his back. With these gloves, that would not be out of the realm of possibility. These gloves ARE STICKY.


22-Cutters-X40-Down copy 23-Cutters-X40-Display copy 24-Cutters-X40-Side-Spidey copy 25-Cutters-X40-Upside-Down copy 26-Cutters-X40-Spidey copy

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