INTERVIEW: John Wall Introduces the adidas CrazyQuick

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Being the face of an NBA franchise isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires mental and physical toughness, patience, and a relentless inclination to get your team to the top. Fortunately for Washington Wizards’ fans, their superstar John Wall is the perfect centerpiece to build the rest of the team around.

Wall, thanks to his deadly crossover, blazing fast coast-to-coast speeds and freakish hops, was chosen as the athlete to debut adidas’ CrazyQuick collection last night in NYC. Sneaker Report was on the scene to check out Wall’s first signature shoe with the brand and get a moment with the NBA superstar to hear his first impression of the adidas CrazyQuick.

Interview by Gurvinder Singh Gandu (@gurvinderSG)

It’s good to see you’re excited about playing in the CrazyQuick, what’s your favorite aspect of the shoe?

For one I like the colorways—it’s got great colorways. It’s also a very light shoe at 11.25 ounces, so that’s great for me on the court and whenever you've got your name or initials on the back of a shoe, it’s a good thing. The CrazyQuick changes the game for me, making me quicker than my opponents and giving me an edge against them.

What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed between this shoe and the shoes you’ve grown up playing in?

Biggest difference for me is the weight; it’s a very light shoe. It gives me an advantage on the court and makes me quicker.

"The CrazyQuick changes the game for me, making me quicker than my opponents and giving me an edge against them."

Any notable differences from your previous signature models?

I mean it’s totally different. I’m just excited to be able to put myself into the CrazyQuicks and be the first guy to unveil [this technology] and push this collection forward.

Obviously a lot has gone into the design and functionality of the CrazyQuick outsole, do you feel the changes immediately?

Oh yeah, this shoe, especially the bottom, fits me perfectly. It gives you a better chance of changing direction and stopping and going on a dime—that is what it’s known for-- to make you crazy quick and much faster than your opponent and it does a great job of doing just that.

Good to hear. And finally, what is the break-in process on these? Did they take you a while to get used to?

Crazy thing was I didn’t wear it at the shoot-around, I wore it before the game yesterday warming up and it felt great to me. I went out there and played and probably had one of my best games back from injury.

Catch John Wall in his signature adidas CrazyQuicks at tonight’s game against the Brooklyn Nets and stayed tuned with Sneaker Report for the latest news and interviews on adidas’ latest release.

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