Joe Johnson Details the Perks of His Jordan Brand Deal

Is this the best part of being a Jordan Brand athlete?

by Gerald Flores

Brooklyn Net Joe Johnson brought out some seldom-seen Air Jordans last NBA season, and the player talked to the New York Daily News about how he got pairs like his Air Jordan 16 PE and Retro Air Jordan 8. "When I first became Brand Jordan, they said, 'Let us know, we can get you any Jordan's you want.' So I started getting the (Jordan retros from every year)," Johnson told the Daily News. "I started collecting. I started collecting all colors. Actually, I really wasn't even collecting. They were just giving me so much that I was like, 'Damn.' They just started stacking up. I had a closet and I remember I didn't have any more room. So I was like, you know what, I'm going to make a room and just going to start collecting them." 

According to the Daily News, Johnson renovated his basement to store his massive amount of sneakers. His display room features shelves that are 10 layers high. "When you walk in there, it's like you're walking into Foot Locker," he said. 

via: NYDN

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