20 Things You Didn't Know About the Air Max 95

The Air Max 95 is one of the greatest Nike sneakers of all time—but do you know the history of the legendary model? Here's the real story behind its design.

A Brief History Of The Nike Air Max Series   1995 Air Max 95


A Brief History Of The Nike Air Max Series   1995 Air Max 95

Sergio Lozano’s Nike Air Max 95 design is legendary enough to spawn its own myths. It’s a shoe that means different things to multiple subcultures. To some, it’s an object of desire and to others, it’s something to deride. It's been resold, stolen, rocked at multiple crime scenes, collaborated on, collected and discontinued, then resurrected.

Some people might have run in a pair at some point too. At 20 years old, the shoe is getting another celebration, so it seemed like a good excuse to run through 20 things you might not know about the Air Max 95.

21. The Air Max 95 made it into comic strips.

Air Max 95 Comic Strip

20. The original "Neon" colorway has released over 10 times.

nike air max 95 neon

19. Hip-hop loved the Air Max 95.

Shady Air Max 95

18. The Air Max2 got forefoot air for a moment.

Air Max2

17. The Air Max 95 is neither Tinker Hatfield or Hiroshi Fujiwara's favorite Air Max.

20 things nike airmax 95 tinker hatfield

16. Sergio Lozano has been responsible for several other memorable Nike designs.

Air Max 2003

15. The Air Max 95 was an early reseller's favorite.

Air Max 95 gradient

14. High demand brought the Air Max 95 back very quickly.

Nike Air Max 95 HOA

13. It briefly got zipped up.

Nike Air Max 95 zipper

12. It instigated a spate of Air Max robberies in Japan.

Air Max 95 Robbery

11. It was heavily bootlegged.

Fake Air Max 95

10. But it was also turned into an actual boot.

Air Max 95 Boot

9. Its squeaking air bubbles caused a riot.

air max bubble

8. In the UK it was the criminals' footwear of choice.

Air Max 95 crime

7. DC Shoes made an Air Max 95 skate tribute.

DC Shoe Air Max 95

6. It never got the '95' name until the late 1990s.

Air Max 95 box

5. There was a private jet painted like the shoe.

Air Max 95 Jet

4. It cost $140 back in 1995.

Air Max 95 $140

3. It was widely acclaimed by the press.

Air Max 95 neon box

2. Original sketches had some minor differences.

Air Max 95 sketch