Pete Davidson on the Dad Shoe Trend: 'This Is Ridiculous'

'Saturday Night Live' star Pete Davidson shares his candid thoughts on the dad shoe trend and reveals he bought Larry David a pair of Jordan 1s.

Pete Davidson is the latest guest of Sneaker Shopping, and the Saturday Night Live star shared his thoughts on the current dad shoes trend happening in the sneaker industry.

"It's fucking ridiculous that people could bring shit back," he told host Joe La Puma. "There's no bigger 'fuck you.' I feel like companies think we're dumb."

After bringing up Balenciaga's spin on the trend, he continued, "They're like, 'Oh, look, we're gonna fucking make them wear dad shoes. They're laughing at us. This is ridiculous. This is insane. I understand trends; I paint my nails, I got earrings, I get it. But like, what the fuck? I'm gonna buy 'em though and wear 'em."

Davidson also revealed he bought Jordans for Larry David, father of his girlfriend and writer/actress Cazzie. "I bought him a pair of Jordans once 'cause he's just always very very nice to me. It was a pair of 1s, and he wore them a couple times," he explained. That said, don't expect to see any photos of Larry David rocking the pair.

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