Just a few minutes ago, Pete Davidson came out of a Santander ATM bank frustrated that Chase shut off his account again. This has been happening a lot, the Saturday Night Live star explained—the bank's security measures aren't exactly suited to the lifestyle of a stand-up comedian who just finished a 15-city tour. What's annoying is that now we're at the end of the line at a Chipotle in Midtown Manhattan, and Davidson isn't sure if his debit card is going to work. 

“It happened to me at McDonald’s one time,” he confesses to me and one of his best friends, Jeff “Heavy” Danson. “I was trying to buy, like, a small fry and got declined.” The embarrassing memory prompts Davidson to fall into a bit that feels like it could be part of SMD, his first stand-up special, which premieres on Comedy Central on Oct. 29. Fighting back a laugh, he protests that the card decline “could be for so many different reasons! But everyone assumes you’re a broke-ass bitch. ‘Hey, you see Pete Davidson at McDonald’s!? That dude fell off!’”

Frozen debit cards aside, it's probably going to be a long time before anyone actually thinks Davidson has fallen off. In 2014, a then 19-year-old Davidson broke out as Saturday Night Live’s “Resident Young Person.” In his first appearance on the show’s Weekend Update, Davidson, looking like he just got out of high school—because really, he had—quickly made an impression by asking Update anchor Michael Che, “Have you ever played the ‘How Much Money Would You Go Down on a Guy For’ game?” Davidson's answer: "$3,000, if I'm being really honest with myself." The following Monday, publications like The Hollywood Reporter and Salon were labeling Davidson a "breakout star."

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