Dwayne Wade and Li-Ning Reveal His Latest Signature Shoe, the Way of Wade 2

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As the NBA season approaches, we get closer to seeing what our favorite athletes will be wearing this coming October. Next up is Dwayne Wade and his second shoe under Li-Ning, the Way of Wade 2.

Li-Ning and Wade had a very successful 2012-13 season as Wade helped the Heat win another World NBA Championship. Now they will celebrate a new season with his latest signature. "At the end of the season," begins Wade's designer Eric Miller. "DWade told our CEO, 'This shoe kept me from getting injured. This was the most comfortable shoe of my career and I love it.' It was a week after he won the title, and his whole thing was he didn't need too many improvements or changes from a comfort, construction and stability standpoint."

Using this feedback, Li-Ning and Wade wanted to put more emphasis into the outsole and lining while fine tuning what was already good with the Way of Wade design.  According to Miller, the new design of the Way of Wade 2 draws inspiration from World War 1 ships. The ships used a special camouflage called Dazzled Camo allowing ships to stand out more than others. This was considered deceptive camouflage because even if you did see the ship you couldn’t tell course of the ship, the speed it was going or what direction it was going in. Miller goes on to state, “with Dwyane’s game, you don’t know if he’s going to pull up and shoot, if he’s going to drive and attack the rim, if he’s going to find his teammates. His game comes at you from all different angles and ways, but you can’t find it out…You’ll see this print throughout the season to tell that story.”

Get the detailed look at the upcoming Way of Wade 2 and stay tuned to Sneaker Report as we bring you more from DWade’s new signature.

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