LeBron Wore Orthodics Last Night And They Weren't Made By Nike

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Last night not only marked LeBron's return to Cleveland, but it also was the debut of his latest signature, the Nike LeBron 12. King James gave his fans a little sneak peek through SnapChat of what he planned on wearing for his much anticipated return. In the photo we can see a pair of LeBron 12's to match his uniform, as well as a back up pair of Zoom Soldier 8's. What went unnoticed was the pair of orthotics from Foot Care Express, which begs the question, is there a cushioning problem with the LeBron 12's?

We decided to take a further look into Foot Care Express to see exactly what the brand offers it's users, and how their orthotics stand up against basic insoles. According to Foot Care Express, custom fit orthotics can improve performance and maximize efficiency for an athlete and even decrease the chance of injury. Using a team of physicians, and biomechanical testing, Foot Care Express fabricates a custom fitting insert for the shoe that could reduce or eliminate pain throughout the body.

We're sure that the cushioning and insole system set up in the LeBron 12 is more then sufficient, but if the King himself finds a use for orthotics then it may be something to consider. Hit up the Foot Care Experts website for a full breakdown of the products and benefits custom orthotics can have, and stay tuned for the latest news on King James and the Nike LeBron 12.