At 36-Years-Old, James Harrison is Still the Strongest Dude in the NFL

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If you see #92 of the Pittsburgh Steelers coming your way, do yourself a favor and just get out of the way.

James Harrison is possibly the scariest dude in the NFL, and he's got evidence to back it up. After retiring last year, Harrison couldn't fight the bug to play and accepted a one year deal with the Steelers earlier this season. At 36-years-old, you may think Harrison may have lost some of that strength he's displayed through bone crushing hits throughout his career, but he hit the weight room earlier today and proved everybody wrong. Harrison hit the gym to do some light chest work, and pumped out a set of push ups with 300lbs Maurkice Pouncey on his back. Like we said, don't mess with #92.

To be fair, Harrison never stopped lifting after "retiring" and has been throwing around ridiculous weights like it's nothing. Another video from his Instagram shows Harrison bench pressing a set of 455lbs, which is unreal for a 36-year-old man with the NFL miles he's accumulated over the years. Check out Harrison putting in some work below, and keep an eye out for #92 and the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward as they're making a major push towards the top of the AFC North.