REVIEW: Testing out the Etnies Marana

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Category: Skateboarding, Longboarding

Best for: Flip Tricks; Skateparks; Impact landings

Star Features: Pro 1 Polyurethane footbed; STI Non-Slip Grip Outsole; Toe Cap

Out of the Box: The Maranas, like most shoes, are snug the first few wears. But that is just so the elements of comfort has a chance to dial in the mold of your feet.

The Marana's acclaimed level of comfort is the first thing you hear about the latest shoe from Etnies, so I was eager to put that to the test from the start.

For those who use skateboards for commuting and transportation, some supreme sole gratification is needed for the constant striking feet have to go through. The insole is made with Foam Pro 1 single density polyurethane which provides the footbed with cushion and intensifies the board-feel during any discipline of skating. The midsole is made STI Evolution Foam that conducts a range of low impact to high impact protection, thus helps in preventing heel bruises and supporting the balls of your feet while pushing. These dual padding technologies together have a breathable consistency, provide a squishy rebound from impact, and softening the contact between the bottom of your feet to the harder outsole.

Whether pushing off the pavement, or driving your forward foot harder into your griptape per push, or staying on top of your board while bombing a hill at speeds of 45miles an hour, the 400 NBS rubber (allows flexibility without cracking), Non-Slip Grip outsole stays true to its name and allows you to maintain steady contact with your board of choice. I figured since I skate in the rain, other skaters have to as well and it seemed to me that the Non-Slip Grip had a film on the outsole preventing water from creating the oily-greasy ground feeling that I experience skating in the rain with other sneakers. Another feature that I know helped with grip is the tread pattern of the sole that allows your feet to grapple any surface area.

The next test for the Marana's were flip-tricks. Ollie after Ollie, Kickflip after Kickflip, the toe cap durability prevailed against erosion from use of the griptape. You skaters will have to fight your way through the rubber fused toe cap, before you have to even think of getting a new pair. Another cool feature of the toe cap is it's coarseness is raised and recessed, and I felt it provided me with more pop because the grip-tape has more texture to grab onto.

Bottom Line: The Etnies Marana is the best fit for skaters looking for a durable shoe that is super comfortable this summer.

When she's not reviewing shoes for Sneaker Report, Cami Best is busy being the fastest pushing woman on a skateboard. As a professional skateboarder representing Jamaica in NYC, Cami also works with Polaroid ActionCameras, REY Trucks, Triple 8 protective gear, Bustin Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Rock Star Bearings, RipTide Bushings, Vicious Grip Tape, Ghostskate, and The Malaysia Street Bombers. Keep up with Cami here.

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