The Game Just Spent $1,995 on Big Baller Brand Sneakers

The Game bought several pairs of Big Baller Brand's Lonzo Ball sneakers.

Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2
Image via Big Baller Brand
Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2

Big Baller Brand has another celebrity supporter, with Los Angeles-bred rapper The Game taking to his social media to support the sneaker startup. He posted about the sneakers on Instagram, screenshotting an image of a receipt for an order totaling $1,995 and saying that he bought his son and some of his friends pairs of the Z02 shoe.

In the lengthy caption accompanying the receipt, The Game mentions that he's spent "over a million dollars" on Nikes and Jordans in his life and has no problem setting some money aside to support Lonzo Ball's shoes. The caption is critical of Michael Jordan, saying that he "ain't really ever did much for the black community."

The Game says he plans to buy 10 more pairs of Ball's Z02s for kids whose parents can't afford new sneakers.

While Big Baller Brand has been widely derided since its media unveiling last week, Lonzo's father LaVar Ball is confident about its future.


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