Watch Skip Bayless Shade LeBron and Then Buy His Sneakers

Yes, Skip Bayless actually bought a pair of Nike LeBron sneakers. Watch it happen in the latest episode of 'Sneaker Shopping.'

Notorious LeBron James detractor Skip Bayless actually buying Nike LeBron sneakers? Yes, that happened. The moment takes place at Flight Club in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex. Of course, Bayless manages a few disparaging remarks for James during the transaction.

"I wouldn't want to attempt a late clutch shot in these shoes," he quips, "because you'd probably miss it."

That comment comes while Bayless picks up a pair of the "Blue Suede" Nike LeBron 11 EXT. For what it's worth, he also has positive remarks for James, citing him as the best example of an athlete being a role model.

The episode also touches on Bayless' thoughts on Victor Cruz's shoes, his obsession with the Jordan Future, and more.

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