Reebok Made Shoes Celebrating Israel's Independence

One of the more unlikely special editions in recent memory.

Image via Jerusalem Post

Israel is turning 68 this year, an occasion that will be marked by an out-of-nowhere Reebok sneaker referencing the nation's independence day, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The shoe comes in white and blue that could be a reference to the Israeli flag, although the blue used here is a few shades deeper than what's usually seen on said flag. On the midsole is text reading "Israel 68."

The model selected for this project, the ZPump Fusion, is a strange one seeing as how Reebok's already moved on to the ZPump Fusion 2.0. What's more, there's not that much going on the with the shoe separating it from the retail stuff that released during its first run.

Moshe Sinai, a general manager at Reebok in Israel, is calling this shoe a one-time only release, the Post reports.

This shoe will be auctioned off through Reebok on Facebook, with proceeds from its sale going to Crossfit Without Borders​.