Did Puma Beat Nike to Auto-Lacing?

An interesting new version of the Disc Blaze surfaces.

by Brendan Dunne

2015 has long been the year that sneakerheads have expected to deliver on auto-lacing sneakers via the Nike MAGs, but there might be another shoe fulfilling that promise.

The video above features a sample of what appears to be an upcoming Puma Disc Blaze model that features a button on the tongue in place of traditional lacing. Remember that the original Puma Disc Blaze didn't have laces to begin with, but this more modern approach to the shoe updates things by letting the wearer fasten them with the press of a button – it's even got LED components like the Nike MAG.

From the looks of it, the wearer can press one side of the button to tighten the shoes and press the other side to loosen them.

It's unclear when, or if, this Puma Disc Blaze is actually headed for a retail release. But if so, it should provide a more readily available alternative for those wanting to rid their lives of the pain of tying shoes but not wanting to seek out the Nike MAG.