Nike Roshe Runs Blooming for Spring

Another floral edition of the Nike Sportswear shoe.


by Brendan Dunne

The return of the Nike Roshe Run Print in these sort of floral styles has matched up with the arrival of warmer weather in some parts of the U.S.

This new version of the shoe features a graphic that's already been utilized on this Nike Roshe Run "Floral" pair, but the orange and green palette manages to set the shoe apart. Nike has continually added new options for this shoe on NIKEiD, but until it does so with an actual floral/verdant look like the one shown here, pairs like this will still be relevant. Like the aforementioned February release of the Nike Roshe Run Print, this pair opts to go as simple as possible with the straight white, original Roshe sole on bottom.

The Nike Roshe Run Print floral in question can be found now at NSW accounts like Rock City Kicks.