People Waited In Line for Days for Yeezy 350 Boosts and Got Nothing

Where are you Yeezy?

via Standard


by Brendan Dunne

Frustrations are running high for the black adidas Yeezy 350 Boost release between the struggling adidas Confirmed app and now the news of a Foot Locker store in the UK that sent home many campers who'd been waiting for days for the sneakers.

Standard reports that more than 100 people were waiting in line for the shoes outside the Foot Locker on London's Oxford street, but most were sent home empty-handed. At around 11:15 p.m. Thursday night, 62 tickets were handed out that guaranteed the chance to purchase a pair. But, witnesses claim that people rushed the line, taking spots and tickets from many who had been waiting for days.

Deep Patel, a 15-year-old who'd been camping for the Yeezys since Wednesday, didn't even end up getting a ticket.

"Then last, everyone was started crowding around and about 100 people turned up," Patel said, describing the chaotic scene. "I had never seen their faces before. It was really disorganized. Most of us did not get a place in the line. It was just bullies [who pushed in]. There was an intense atmosphere.”

According to witnesses, Foot Locker employees weren't much help.

Social media users have complained about what appears to be a botched release by Foot Locker. Line hopping at sneaker releases is obviously nothing new, but one would hope a big store would have a better system in place for a release as anticipated as this one.

Local government is even getting involved in the Yeezy release fiasco. A spokesperson for the city of Westminster said they are investigating possible health or safety issues stemming from Foot Locker's massive line.

Hopefully those kids who missed out take a minute to do some research on where to buy the black Yeezy Boosts in order to up their chances this weekend.

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