Lonzo Ball Scraps His First Shoe, Introduces Redesigned Model

Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand sneakers have been completely redesigned.

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The increasingly bizarre saga of Big Baller Brand just got stranger. Basketball magazine Slam, which has debuted previous sneakers from the Ball family brand, announced on Thursday that Lonzo Ball is scrapping the design of his first signature shoe and replacing it with the model seen here.

According to Slam, those who already purchased a pair of the previously unveiled $495 sneakers can expect this pair in the mail instead. Alternatively, they can request a refund. Previously ordered pairs are still expected to ship by Nov. 24, 2017, but new orders won't be fulfilled until Jan. 30, 2018.

Preorders for this new version of the Big Baller Brand Z02 Prime are available now here. The $495 price remains. The product page for the shoes mentions a company called Santa Ana Designs, which has its logo on the upper of the Z02 Prime. Reports have come out about Big Baller Brand partnering with a new company from the people behind California-based BrandBlack, which BBB borrowed heavily from for LaMelo Ball's shoe. It's possible Santa Ana Designs is that entity, although no clarification is offered on the site.

Like LaMelo's shoe, Lonzo's redesigned model bears some similarities to the BrandBlack Rare Metal sneaker.

In the above promotional video, Ball calls his signature model "the lightest basketball shoe ever made."

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