Store Refuses to Sell 'OVO' Jordan 10s to People Who Won't Wear Them

That's one way to do it.

OVO Air Jordan 10 On Feet
Images via Sneaker Politics


OVO Air Jordan 10 On Feet

by Brendan Dunne

It's no secret that a large number of the OVO x Air Jordan 10 pairs sold this weekend are going to get put up for sale again at inflated prices on the resell market.

One store did its best to prevent that by making people who won its raffle for the shoe wear their pairs out of the store. Sneaker Politics said it would be doing so in its post announcing the raffle, and said on Twitter over the weekend that it actually enforced the policy.

Hats off the to person who was so staunch a reseller that they decided to walk away without the sneakers instead of putting them on their feet.