CrossFit Creator Wants adidas to Sell Reebok

Greg Glassman speaks his mind.

by Brendan Dunne

Will adidas selling Reebok ever become a reality?

The former's recent positive comments about its position with Reebok suggest not, but there is one vocal person close to the brand that hopes it will happen. Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit, the fitness company that has been so helpful in energizing Reebok in recent years, said that he hopes adidas will sell soon.

In the above excerpt from an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes, which debuts on May 10 at 8 p.m. ET, Glassman said, "I'd like to see Reebok sold."

Glassman continued that he would like to see Reebok acquired by someone "young, fresh, excited, and willing to enter into the modern era."