Somebody Just Spent $18,500 On These Air Jordans

The UNDFTD Air Jordan 4 isn't cheap.

UNDFTD Air Jordan 4 Sells for $18,500
Image via Stadium Goods
UNDFTD Air Jordan 4 Sells for $18,500

A little less than two weeks ago, we visited New York consignment shop Stadium Goods to highlight the most expensive pairs of Air Jordan 4s they were selling. Among them, the UNDFTD release from 2005, which just sold for the price of a decent car.

Earlier tonight, Stadium Goods tweeted a photo of a receipt showing the purchase, totaling more than $21,000 after the addition of four pairs of adidas Ultra Boosts. Though they didn't specify that it was the UNDFTD 4 that sold, the price and the shoe's disappearance from the shop's website provide the necessary context to reach that conclusion.

Limited to just 72 pairs, the UNDFTD 4 was Jordan Brand's first collaboration with an outside entity. The combination of olive, black and orange was inspired by the MA-1 flight jacket.

UNDFTD Air Jordan 4 Sells for $18,500

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