Twitter Is Killing Stephen Curry's Latest Sneakers

Chef Curry gets roasted.

Twitter Is Killing Stephen Curry's Latest Sneakers
Image via Renarts
Twitter Is Killing Stephen Curry's Latest Sneakers

It should be a time of celebration for Under Armour, which is in position to celebrate a second-straight championship with leading endorser Stephen Curry. However, Twitter and the sneaker community aren't playing along.

Recently, the company unveiled the 2-time MVP's all-white Curry Two low-top dubbed "Chef" in reference to his nickname. The shoes are making the rounds virally, but not the way Under Armour hoped they would.

If you're on Twitter right now, you've probably scrolled past this soon-to-be infamous shot of the Curry Two Low, accompanied by a hilarious nickname. The shoes are being likened to those worn by the elderly, nurses, mall dads and Trump supporters. And yes, they did get the Michael Jordan crying treatment. See some of the best jokes below.

"Let me speak to your manager" 5s.
I was told by apple care 7s
"Yes, officer. Right here. I saw everything" 7s
"All Lives Matter 14s"
"Piers morgan raises some valid points" 7s
"He aint MY president" 12s.
"Make America great again" 4s
The "Why don't girls like me I'm a nice guy?" 4s
The "and what about the troops?" 4s
I Hope No One Is In Our Seats 3s
Pop Warner coach 11s
You are awesome Internet, just awesome
I love this app